What is aromatherapy? It is the use of essential oils and aromatic plants in a clinical, therapeutic or shamanic practice to heal. Aromatherapy is not just about the smell or scent of the oil. That scent of the oils gives us volumes of information that pertain to their healing potentialities.
The Soil, water, air, the purity of environment, stress on the plant, social-economic conditions, etc. all affect the production of the chemicals which make up the essential oils in flowers, herbs and trees. Many sensitive people can smell the oil and determine many details of the origin of that oil. Emotional and mental states are often transcended by aromas. After all, haven’t you smelled something you love, only to realize that you have been daydreaming for many minutes and forgetting about what had been bothering you?

That is Pranic Intelligence! The Plants create essential oils for their own protection, for reproduction, and to draw in pollinators. The chemicals within them are highly specialized for their effects. Allowing the oils to reach into your mind and consciousness to find the memories, images, visions your deep self will provide to help you heal. However, even without that sensitivity, or even without the ability to smell at all, much healing can occur on many levels.

The essential oils are the most potent distillation form aromatic plants. The qualities each plant posses holds keys to transformation for health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of this potency, and the high accessibility of aromatherapy, it has become a household word whose meaning runs deep in many regions of the world. Even if a tradition does not refer to their practices as “aromatherapy”, most have traditional teas, resins and oil imbibed with rich plant material for traditional healing functions. Many regions have oils or resins whose uses are recorded in history books. Why are these plants so revered for their effects, scents, etc? Essential Oils are highly regarded in Aruvedic medicine as the strongest potency available for certain plants. When applied neat on the skin, particular oils benefit in eradicating germs and healing wounds. When applied with unguent base oils, through baths, diffusers, compresses, massage or direct inhalation; all essential oils have health benefits.

There are over 400 plants whose essential oils are cultivated for therapeutic use. The plant material is distilled, and this process separates the rich oil from the water in the plant and two products are rendered; the essential oil and the hydrosol. The hydrosols of almost all plants are safest for use around sensitive persons, on the skin directly, and even internally. Most essential oils are not used internally however, and should never be assumed they are safe for ingestion.

During a Healing aromatic treatment the primary function of the essential oils are to transfer the pranic intelligence of the plants throughout the body, assisting the body in radically enhancing the available healing potentiality inherent in our bodies and to enhance the treatment involved. The Essential oils are applied to the body “anointing” hands, feet, head, neck, areas of pain, etc. Or the essential oils are simply just smelled in order to benefit health and well -being.

Some oils that I use:
Rosemary verbenone
Paulo santo
Mitti attar
Blue lotus attar
Parijata attar

Clary sage
Pinon pine
Cape chamomile

 Traditional Attar distillery, India.

Boswellia Serrata Tree, Ethiopia

Charity Miller works with the oils in a therapeutic application to assist the emotions, deeply penetrating the psychic realms to access healing capacity of the body. She applies the oils single or blended neat and diluted in base oils. She always uses Organic, sustainably produced essential oils, base oils and lotions. Floracopeia Oils are used if at all possible.

Custom Blending for specific issues is an art form that takes many years to cultivate. Charity is at the beginning of her journey with blending, and loving every minute of it! For Custom blends, Charity can provide a diffused spray for your home or office or car, or a “fixed perfume” for application on hands, feet and other meridian points for specialized health issues.

Charity Miller is certified in Aromatherapy by David Crow and Floracopeia’ s “ Essential Oils and Aromatic Treasures”. She is available for phone consults and can provide Aromatherapy with your next session.
For a session please call or text 415.225.8636 - charity@bloominglotustherapy.com

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