I have always been a naturalist and freedom seeker at heart and I favor anything outdoors. I dove into organics and yoga and read everything I could get my hands on about the nature of the mind and meditation, self-healing and whole foods.  Then I got involved in a group of drummers that met at the full moon and followed the Native American Medicine Wheel as interpreted by Sun Bear and Waban Wind.  This inspired me to study the power of crystal healing and I began blending it with meditation and yoga.  I moved to the west coast in 1997 at age 26 to discover community living and bodywork, organic gardening and Medicinal Herbology and the power of earth’s vortex spots.

My desires lead me to Harbin Hot Springs in Lake County, California where I lived and worked until the fall of 1999, when I moved to southern Mexico and began working and offering sessions.  It was in the completely natural setting of crocodiles and sand that I uncovered my natural abilities with energy channeling and clairsentience.  In the first months of the new Millennium I returned to the states and traveled for another year or so around the country and landed in Ashland, Oregon to study with a Reiki Master and Channel. There I received information and three attunements in the Tan Ran Lineage (An Usui lineage with Tibetan-based symbols).  By the spring of 2001 I became a Reiki Master.  I returned to the bay area of San Francisco in the winter of 2003 and found another teacher, this time for Energy Balancing training more in a shamanic tradition.  I discovered the ReMembering Union School of Energy Balancing in Marin County, a very small group, and dove right in.  My training reconnected me with my roots, deepening my reverence for the Divine Feminine.  I finished my training in the fall of 2003.

My focus is always on presence in my hands, with bodywork or energy work, and they do the listening, not my mind. I liken the process a lot to that of growing plants.  They communicate with the earth, and the voices of the plant and the soil sing together to get the attention of the gardener.   The body and the spirit come together and get my attention.  I then respond with living, breathing kindness and attention to the needs of the cells and the vibrations of the whole being.

charity miller massage, bodywork, healing in Marin, petaluma, Sonoma,Napa
Charity Miller - photo Art Durand


Sometimes it’s a dance
between body movement
and breath;

ometimes it's like a steeping
of deep flavors surfacing
for the first time in years,

ometimes it’s a challenge
to remind the subtle energy body to speak.

God is.
The journey has begun.


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