Do you want to let yourself “out of the box” to live a more full and interesting life?
Energy Balancing is a somatic, energetic approach to holistic care, working with the subtle and causal “bodies” and forces of nature that allow you to be truly well on all levels, in body, mind and spirit.  Many therapies address more than one part of us, but Energy Balancing lovingly frees all the hidden content, the parts of us we hide from view.

Do you feel that an invisible force is keeping you from happiness, or success or love? Or do you want to explore your more sacred nature and don’t know where to start?

Deep beliefs and stored traumas cause us to feel pain and imbalance, even though we have accommodated for it for years, we allow them to shape us, without question. This process brings it to light, so we can be free of unwanted baggage from our pasts, fears, injuries and loss. Reiki, laying-on-of-Hands, Crystal Therapies and Aromatherapy are some of the tools I use to open a deeper peace inside of you, to bring out your light.

Are you a practitioner and have difficulty grounding and clearing after seeing your clients? During this process we explore and transform the limitations which inhibit you from living the life you were born to live.

Office location...
Madrona Healing Arts
919 Sir Francis Drake, Suite 203B
Kentfield, CA 94904.


Energy Balancing
(sessions are on the Bio-Mat)

$195 for 90 minutes
$230 for 2 hours
$25 off your first session

Multi-session package:

6 sessions for $850 ($140/session)
All appointments are 90 minutes.

For all appointments, please call/text at 415.225.8636 or email

Energy Balancing is Liberating, revealing, calming, and enlivening for your whole being.”

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