Do you want to let yourself “out of the box” to live a more full and interesting life?
  Energy Balancing with Charity is a process of revealing your true self.

During this process we explore and transform the "stuckness" and limitations which inhibit you from living the life you were born to live. When you receive an energy balancing session, you will be gifted with the profundity and grace of you, and how your blossoming in each moment is right here, in each breath. You will learn to welcome yourself back into your life in a whole new way, and to welcome others into your heart with a renewed trust and love.

Simply ask yourself if you are ready to change the way you allow yourself to be? 
I know that may seem like a hard one to “think” about, but feeling into it will guide you to your answer.  Your beliefs and attitudes also shape the way you see the world and how you play your roles. They dictate how you experience everything. The physical experience you are having is an extension of your emotional and spiritual life, and the link between each of these parts of yourself is where your healing, and your wounding lives.  
“Everything is not form or matter. Your guiding angels are here to help you discover your soul’s purpose. The journey you have chosen here is long and arduous yet an amazing one, and you will always find your way home, if you are looking for it.. Always your angels will be here side by side with you through your struggles and your triumphs. I am a humble channel and I am offering myself up to assist you in finding your gifts and your passions for life.“

If you need more explanation of the energy balancing, please leave me a detailed message and I will address your questions. I do not diagnose or act as a substitute for a medical doctor.  Please let me know if you prefer a phone connection or email. Many Blessings!

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An Energy Balancing session may include:

Laying on of Hands /Reiki
Intention Setting
Guided Meditation
Spiritual Counseling
Light Massage

"I must say that the discovery resulting from the energy balancing is amazing, specially how it causes things surface. I am discovering feelings I had no idea I had, and the ways in which those feelings have affected my body. Interestingly, the discoveries keep happening long after the session(s) are over."

"This effect of this work is so powerful, and yet seems to occur so gently. And unlike other forms of therapy, I do not spend time grieving, crying or being angry. Mostly, I am genuinely surprised to make the discoveries, and then, I just watch how things seem to resolve themselves. I am thrilled, expectant, and looking forward to more work and discoveries."
Thank you so much.
Lesley Maul

"This is the most authentic energywork I have ever received!" Adrianna Reitenbach, Reiki Master, CMT

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