The Skin Toning Healing Technique *
is a modern, highly refined form of Skin Rolling, or rolling “Chua ka”, developed over the past 35 years by Gerald Harvey, the top skin rolling master in the country. This is the only form of bodywork that deals primarily with the health and beauty of the skin.

According to the Chua-ka philosophy, we are born as smooth and supple human beings. With age we lose this elasticity and build up deposits of metabolic waste products and memories of pain, which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The body and the mind will link up. Everything that happens to the body is reflected in the mind and vice versa.

The aim of the Skin Toning Healing Technique is to free the body of these stored deposits or memories, thus promoting better health and an enhanced sense of awareness, to allow a deeper spirit or soul to inhabit the body.

During the session, the skin may be rolled in long, smooth strokes, creating a wave with the skin, gently pulling it away from the fascia, which stimulate the circulatory system and enable the skin to regain some of its original elasticity. The treatment is gentle, yet deep, promoting an overall sense of well-being.

The Skin Toning Healing Technique is suited to individuals who wish to work towards greater self-awareness and better health, and who want to see lasting, accumulative results. Charity has trained with one of Gerald’s top students Niles Szwed.

Please call/text 415.225.8636

The Skin Toning Healing Technique is Beneficial for:

  • Relieving Muscle pain
  • Pre-menstrual Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Relieving Toxins and associated symptoms
  • Breaking up Cellulite
  • Stress Reduction
  • Chronic aches and pains from over-use and injury
  • Improving skin’s natural functions
  • Improving skin’s elasticity
  • Improving immune system response
  • Releasing body armoring and associated pain.

Skin Rolling
$105/hr., $145/90 mins.

Multi-Session Packages available:
5 Hours: $415 ($83/hr.)
10 Hours: $770 ($77/hr.)
15 Hours: $ 1020. ($68/hr.)
Outcall $160/90 minutes

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